Blueshift is all about visualization and design By taking advantage of the most popular and powerful tools in the industry, Blueshift always strive towards being in front. Our passion lies in creating stunning computer art with a goal to brighten up your mind... Have a look around the website and see what Blueshift has to offer.
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Game design is the art of making something truly immersive.
By using some of the most powerful tools in the industry, Blueshift is able to fuse
beautiful visual art with engaging gameplay in order to create exciting video games.
Unreal engine combined with KISMET is the weapon of choice. Have a look at the pictures on the top to see some of the projects. GAME DESIGN
Creating proper 3D models and animation is all about details and natural movement.
By taking advantage of powerful tools like 3DS Max and Zbrush, Blueshift is able to create whatever the imagination wants.
The tools allows Blueshift to create assets to any pipeline that demands high-quality 3D art. 3d work
Blueshift is able to achieve interactive, usable and visually pleasing websites by understanding the principals of HTML and CSS .
Combine this with tools like Adobe Dreamweaver and Muse, and you're able to create just about anything online. web design
Whether it's logos, websites, ads, newsletters or anything in between, Blueshift knows that aesthetics are important.
By using tools like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and more, Blueshift is able to achieve that specific visual look you want. graphic design
Feel free to contact Blueshift if you have any questions. No strings attached. Email:
Phone: +47 419 07 240